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The Third State Level Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Congress 2018


Science and Mathematics teachers across the state of Maharashtra, develop their own innovative methods of teaching in the classrooms. They develop experiments, models, tables, charts and pictures. With the advancement of technology, they also develop websites, form groups like whatsapp and use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. However, it is observed that despite all this, they hardly make use of these social media to share their innovations in teaching methods with their fellow teachers, with the result, their innovative methods of teaching do not get exchanged with the other teachers.

Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, a knowledge institution (ज्ञान संस्था) and science propagating organization of 52 years standing felt that such innovative teachers across the state be brought together and they may be given an opportunity to present their methods before a large group of teachers. Accordingly two State Level Science and Mathematics Teachers` Congresses were held in November, 2016 and December 2017 at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune and around 70 and 65 teachers participated in these Congresses respectively. The main themes of these Congresses were ‘LEARNING SCIENCE BY DOING’ in the year 2016 and ‘EVALUATION’ in the year 2017. The participants were required to prepare the Research paper on the theme of the Congress and make its presentation in these Congresses.

Parallel sessions were held in more than one classroom wherein each participant was allocated 08 minutes time to present his/her Research Paper through Power Point Presentation or simple presentation without PPT, which was followed by question answers among the presenter and the evaluators and the other participants of the group for 02 minutes. In the end two teachers from each classroom were adjudged as the best teachers of the group and were awarded the Certificate of Merit. Further the best performer of each classroom was offered the internship for a period of 5 to 6 weeks in IISER, the entire cost of which was borne by IISER. Besides drawing the satisfaction of presenting their own innovative methods of teaching and evaluation, before such a large cross-section of teachers, the participants were immensely benefited by witnessing the teaching methods and of evaluation of other teachers. Considering the benefit drawn by all the participants and with a view to extend such benefit to more teachers, Marathi Vidnyan Parishad had decided to organize such a Congress for a total period of 5 years commencing from the year 2016. Accordingly, the Fourth State level Science and Mathematics Teachers` Congress will be held in November/ December, 2019 at IISER, Pune.

The main theme of the Fourth Congress will be My Project on developing and evaluating capacity of original thinking among students ( 7 sub themes under the main theme have been indicated at appropriate place on this website.)

Further, based on the review of the first second and third congresses, it has been decided to organize a day’s workshop at IISER, Pune to enlighten the participants about the main theme and sub themes of the Congress, Research Methodology with regard to the above mentioned main theme and sub themes of the fourth Congress, use of Statistical techniques and use of Power Point in presenting Research Paper The details of this workshop are furnished below:

A) The Science educators / communicators and the teachers teaching Science subjects and/or Maths to the Class/es (standard) 6 to 12, of the State of Maharashtra and Goa, will be eligible to participate in any one of the workshops and the Congress.

B) The Co-ordinator for the workshops at Sr. No 1 & 3 is Shri Prakash Modak(email- and Mobile Number 9920329984). The Co-ordinator for the workshops at Sr. No 2 is Dr.Sudhir Kumbhar (email and Mobile Number – 9421214136 ). Accordingly the teachers desirous of participating in any of these three workshops may send an email to the respective Co-ordinator up to 10 days before the date of workshop, indicating the following personal details: 1) Name in full 2) Residential Address 3) Name of the School/College/ Institution, where the teacher has been teaching 4) E-mail address 5) Contact Number (Mobile and/or Phone number) 6) the Class/es (standard) to which the teacher has been teaching and 7) the subjects being taught.

C) There are no registration charges for any of the workshops. The tea and lunch will also be provided free of cost on the day of workshop at all the three places. The stay and the dinner arrangement at IISER (in respect of workshop at sr. no.3 above) on the earlier night for a limited number of the participants will also be made free of cost.

D) (i) No travel expenses will be reimbursed to the persons attending the workshop having their place of residence in Pune city, its suburbans and Pune district, for reaching the venue of the workshop.
(ii) A bus may be arranged for the participants having their place of residence in Mumbai upto Dahisar, Thane City and Navi Mumbai upto Panvel for to and fro journey from the office of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Vidnyan Bhavan, V. N. Purav Marg, Sion-Chunabhatti, Mumbai 400022 to IISER, Pune. The bus will depart from the office of MVP at around 4.00 P. M. on the earlier day of the workshop (9th May 2019) and return to Dadar T. T. on the day of workshop by 10.30 P. M. after conclusion of the workshop on 10th May 2019.The travel arrangement as above , the stay arrangement on the earlier evening in IISER campus and the food arrangement during the stay in IISER will be free of cost for these participants.
(iii) The participants eligible for the travel facility as indicated in D (ii) above but not availing the same will have to make their own travel arrangements for attending the workshop and will not be eligible for the reimbursement for travel expenses for attending the workshop.

E) Eligibility for travel expenses reimbursement

The participants not falling in the categories mentioned in D(i) and D(ii) above, will be reimbursed the travel expenses for attending the workshop on the following basis:

Second Class Ordinary/Sleeper Railway fare (i.e. Non A/C) or Ordinary (i.e. Non A/C) S. T. bus fare from the Railway station /S. T. bus stop nearest to the place of their residence to the Railway station /S. T. bus stop nearest to the venue of workshop (IISER, Pune) and back will be reimbursed on submitting the original or copy of the ticket/receipt of at least one way journey.

If the journey is performed by own vehicle/higher class, the amount of travel reimbursement will be restricted to the amount as indicated above.

No travel reimbursement will be made in respect of the journey performed by Taxi/Auto Riksha at the place of residence/ Mumbai/Pune for reaching the Railway Station/Bus stop /Venue of the workshop.

(F) If the number of persons having their place of residence indicated in D (ii) (Mumbai and nearby) above exceeds around 35, a separate workshop may be arranged for them in the office of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad at its above address on a day between May 02 and may 08 2019.In such an eventuality these persons will not be eligible for attending the workshop in IISER, Pune. Further they will not be eligible for reimbursement of the travelling expenses for attending the workshop in MVP, Mumbai. However, the organization of such workshop will be solely at the discretion of MVP.

(G) The attendance certificates will be issued to the persons attending the workshop and the reimbursement of Conveyance Charges will be made only after the conclusion of the programme.

Main Theme and Subthemes

Main Theme

My Project on developing and evaluating capacity of original thinking among students

Sub Themes
1. Conducting an outdoor activity
2. Designing an experiment
3. Promoting Role play
4. Assigning the task of writing an essay co-operatively by groups of students on ‘ what if not’ examples in this regard could be, (i) If there was no friction, (ii) If we did not have the sense of smell, (iii) If there was no oxygen on the earth
5. Drawing cartoons to express scientific and Mathematical ideas
6. Making toys using Scientific/ Mathematical principles and low cost/waste material
7. Developing novel teaching methods for students with special abilities

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